Mobile Website Design and Development

Peoples are engaging more time and energy on their cell phones nowadays.
Mobile usage is on an ascent! One out of four brilliant phone owners, access web through their cell phones. elfSolvers trusts that your site should be mobile friendly so as to be available for all kind of site visitors.

Integrate Mobile Strategy

A "Must Have" For Your eBusiness

Designed for quick loading and easy navigation, mobile-specific websites are formatted (much like the name suggests) specifically for site visitors accessing websites on their mobile devices. Responsive website design, on the other hand, acts as a "one size fits all" solution for providing a quality user experience on any device. These are quickly becoming the new standard for internet searching on mobile phones and tablets.

Even GOOGLE'S latest algorithm update, "Hummingbird" indicates that google acknowledges the exponential growth of mobile market and is quickly embracing it.

Is your online business ready to tap the most lucrative mobile market?
Mobile Website
With an estimated 85% of website traffic expected to come from mobile devices by the end of next year, the time to optimize your site for mobile is NOW! We create branded mobile sites, with content management automatically linked to your desktop website.
Mobile Analysis
Wondering if it's time to focus on a mobile strategy? Let our online marketing professionals perform a quick analysis of your mobile presence! The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids, layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries.
Interested in developing a Mobile Strategy for your business?
Mobile Search Engines

Did you know? Google has a separate index for mobile content. This index is fairly empty at the moment and your business could be the first in your region with mobile presence. If you're not representing yourself on the mobile web, your competition will surely take up the opportunity.

Mobile Websites in a Mobile World:

Mobile websites are unique to Apps in that they do not rely on different operating systems in order to function correctly therefore if you have one customer using Android and another using Apple's operating system they will both be able to access your information.

The use of mobile devices such as the iPad and Android tablets are set to double this year and Google is already starting to report on higher click through rates for some mobile searches.

Mobile App Development

Internet culture by replicating high end functions professionals deliver customized iOS and Android Mobile Apps the best suit your business

Websites are designed in user-friendly manner making navigation simple and faster

elfSolvers guarantees a mobile platform that your target audience will fall in love with